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Seedlings CaféOpening Hours
Monday - Saturday 10am till 4pm
Sundays 10am till 3pm
Bank Holidays - 10am - 4pm
Closed Easter Sunday & Christmas Day
Coffee CollectorsIn the corner of our Café is a small play area to keep the youngsters entertained, while you enjoy your meal.
Take advantage of enjoying a drink and cake in the sun on our new decking area.
NEW! Seedlings Coffee Collector Card
Buy 8 Coffees and the 9th is on us!
We are located on the Trans Pennine Trail and welcome all cyclists and walkers. We have space outside for leaving your cycles in view of our seating.
For advance group bookings please contact 01405 869622 Or Click here
Our Menu
All our food is cooked to order so please be patient.
All fresh meet served in our café is from Kealeys Butchers in Snaith.
Big Breakfast  - Including a cup of tea or coffee - £7.50
2 Sausages, 2 Rashers of Bacon, Egg, Black Pudding, Tomato, Hash Brown,  Beans, Mushroom and 2 rounds of Toast
Small Breakfast - £6.00
Sausage, Bacon, Egg, Tomato, Mushrooms, Beans, Hash Browns and Toast
Breakfast Bun -  £3.75
Choose 2 items from :- Sausage, Bacon, Egg, Mushrooms, Black Pudding or Tomato
Sandwiches. Bloomer or Ciabata served with a side salad
BLT, Cheese and Pickle, Tuna and Sweet corn, Egg Mayo - £4.65
Prawn or Chicken - 60p extra
Panni, served with side salad
Bacon and Brie, Cheese and Onion, Tuna Melt, Cranberry and Brie, Stilton and Cranberry - £4.65
Chicken or Prawn - 60p extra
Seedlings Chicken Burger or Veggie Burger served with aside salad and homemade Coleslaw - £5.75
Coated Burger, lettuce, hash Brown, Cheese, Tomato and Mayo
Jacket Potato Served with aside salad - 1 Item - £4.25 - 2 Items - £4.75
Tuna and Sweetcorn, Cheese, Beans, Tomatoes or Bacon
Bagels served with a side salad - £4.25
Smoked salmon and Cream Cheese, Scrambled Egg and Salmon, Egg and Bacon, Cream Cheese and Bacon
Homemade Soup served with a roll - £3.50
Beans, Poached Egg, Mushrooms, Cheese - 1 Item - £2.75 - 2 Items - £3.20
Scone with butter - £1.60
Toasted Teacake -  £1.60
Buns - 80p
Homemade Cake - £2.25 - Take out 20p extra
Children's Menu
Beans on or with Toast -  £2.45
Pizza with beans or salad - £2.60
Fish Fingers with beans or salad - £2.60
Sandwiches served with cucumber and tomato - £2.50
Ham, Tuna, Sausage, Cheese, Bacon or Jam
Tea  - Café £1.25 Takeaway - £1.50
White/ Black Coffee - Café £1.25 Takeaway - £1.50
Cappuccino / Latte £1.70 - Café £1.95 Takeaway - £2.25
Hot Chocolate  - Café £2.00 Takeaway - £2.50
Hot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows  - 30p extra
Cafetiere - £2.80
Cold Drink prices or on the door of the fridge
Please see the Specials board for Daily Specials



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